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Types Of Flooring Designs And Materials

Floors can be covered with materials to make it more beautiful or to make the surface easier to walk on. Floor covering are made from different materials like tiles, glass, stones, wood, and more materials and can be made in different styles like different colors, different patterns, texture, and other designs to give unique appearances to the surface.

To cover entire floors, carpets made from materials like nylon, wool, polyester or other materials can be used placed from one end of the wall to the other and they can be applied with additional materials for padding to make them more comfortable and reduce noise made during movement on the floor. To cover only some open spaces, rugs are used in place of carpets. Different types of carpets include twist carpets which are made from twisted fibers sewed into the carpet surface and they are good for places without much movements. Floors that are frequently walked on are best covered by looped carpets which are easily cleaned.

Planked wood or parquet wood forms can be used as floor coverings which are made from wooden materials. The wood can be from hardwood trees which are more durable or they can be from softwoods. Floors can also be made from bamboo materials which are durable and friendly to the environment. Cork floors are made from the bark of an oak tree which does not bring the need for cutting the tree and thus makes it more eco-friendly. Laminate floors are made by laminating plywood with a plastic covering but to make water and noise control better, additional material has to be used as an underlying cover.

Natural stone products like marble and slate, materials like concrete, glass tiles, tiles made of ceramic materials or clay products, porcelain and others are used for hard flooring. Floating tile flooring is easy, cheap and relatively fast to install since it does not require mortar or adhesive to hold the tiles in place.

Resilient floors are made from elastic materials like rubber, linoleum sheet vinyl and others making the floor somehow elastic and are suitable for dancing floors or surfaces for other athletic activities. The place you wish to floor is important to consider since the conditions like water presence and frequency of usage determine the type of material to use for specific places. For flooring with expectation that the floor stays for a long time, you should go for durable materials like hardwood and other resistant materials The amount of money you have will also determine the flooring material due to the difference in quality and as such the price and therefore it is necessary to do a comparison of prices from different dealers.

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