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Indigo Children Traits: Everything You Need to Know

Indigo children otherwise known as blue children have a certain set of traits that are unique to them. They do have some similarities to those with ADHD. You may ask the question: why do children become this why? This typically happens because these kids are given little to no attention at all. These things have to be addressed immediately because the numbers of these children are only rising as the years pass.

Indigo children have a certain aura that would allow psychics to tell them apart from the rest. It’s very distinctive and you would not be able to mistake it for anything else. There is also the belief that these children can communicate in a telepathic. They are definitely a sign that things are evolving within the human race. It is believed that they are supposed to save humankind from extinction. These kids have to be protected at all times because that is what they deserve.
These kids are easily irritated, very sensitive, and quite impulsive so it’s expected of you to have a hard time understanding them. These kids can be very obsessive about detail and they usually fixate on things a lot more.

They are actually similar to people with ADD in the sense that they are easily distracted from what they are doing. Despite their ability to focus, they are still easily frustrated. These children insist on following their plans despite what their teachers or parents tell them. Their knowledge and skill rely more on the visual rather than the written word.

Indigo kids usually end up having bad marks and even lose themselves in the ordinary schools where they is usually no one like them. There is no doubt, however, as to how smart these kids are. A child is never diagnosed as an indigo child if he has not taken the test that would tell that he actually does have the condition. These kids all the support they can get from those who are aware of their condition and especially their loved ones. The presence of psychic abilities even makes things more difficult for the child. There’s a fine line between being an indigo child and an ordinary one that may make it difficult for you to convince experts that your child needs a special school to support his needs.

Whether one is an indigo child or not, he would still be able to make it in the world and become successful. The right methods and the ideal support from the people who matter are some of the factors that would help guide them towards the right path. There is an indigo child within each of us; qualities that make us unique. Therefore it really doesn’t matter what we are born us, what matters is what we make ourselves into.

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