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How to Make Your Kids to Cope with the Age Gap Between Them

A lot of mothers get babies few years after the other and this makes the babies have same interests at the same time because they are of similar age. This means that the kids will be happy to while watching the same films, listening to similar bedtime stories and playing with the same toys. With a big gap from one kid to the other, there will be no harmony in your home because the interests of the kids vary. Making all of them happy at the same time will be quite difficult. Therefore, you should not be silent because bring the harmony back in your family is important.

One of the things you need to know is that it is not in everything that age is specific. There those forms of entertainment that are not for particular age hence they are normally enjoyed by different age groups. The films that are animated are good for both the children and the adults and they make everybody happy for some hours. Also, there are a variety of books, toys, and games that are amazing for the kids that have a big age gap between them. To ensure that your family spend time together make sure that you come up with the activity that favors everyone.

Doing things apart is the second thing you should consider. You should not allow time of argument between the children concerning if they have the CBBC or the CBeebies instead allow one kid to watch his or her favorite programme as the other one do his or her homework or preparing the dinner with you. Swapping will be crucial because you will ensure that every kid has watched the TV channel he or she prefer and also done another job. It is not possible for you to find a kid that is twelve years old playing with the toys that a five years old kid use. It is vital for you to educate them on doing their individual things in turns and the activities that make them all happy at other times.

You should also consider being away from home. Organizing a fairly harmonious living arrangement at your home is easy, what about when you go out? Your kids can begin to argue concerning the place to visit when you go for a trip to solve this you should apply the very same principles you use when you are at home. There are some benefits of having kids with a wide age difference. The older kids will be protective towards the younger ones and also play with their siblings. Issues may come along when the children get to the age of teens since everything changes.